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How to decorate with African Decor

December 9, 2010

Looking for home decorating ideas or a theme to decorate a room?..Try adding a touch of the African safari to your home with African decor.  An African theme can add a unique style which lends a primitive, yet sophisticated look to your home. Here are few ideas which will give you that exotic,  yet modern and trendy interior design.

1.) African decor is known for having an abundance of rustic textures, animal and tribal accents and bright color. One way to start is to begin by choosing a foundation color theme. Common base safari colors originate from earth tones which include rust orange, desert sand, chocolate brown, and olive green.

2.)With a foundation color in place you can now add a variety of rustic textures such as alligator leather, faux lion skin rugs, rich dark leathers, and hammered metals.

3.) After choosing a foundation color theme and using a variety of textures for your furniture pieces, wall decor and rugs. A great next step is to compliment the base theme with authentic, exotic African art accents. When choosing African art pieces the key is to find accents that capture the essence of the African culture, landscape and the animal variety.  Some examples could include hand carved tribal African masks, wood carved sculptures and clay pottery.

African decor can certainly offer a unique interior design. By incorporating rich colors, primitive tribal accents, rustic texture, earth tone colors and exotic animal sculptures you can bring life and culture into any room.