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The Beauty of Asian Home Decor

February 17, 2011

In Indonesia, one thing that we are not lacking obviously, is the Asian home, and when we are enthusiastic about the kind of house decor that goes along with that concept, we need to have to open our minds a little. Tradition has given approach to the untamed nature of modern residence home design, and this has changed lots of of the Asian houses here into some thing of a hybrid monster of sorts. This is naturally, a monster in a good way, some of these houses are definitely gorgeous in nature and they really know tips on how to be able to bring about the best of these components.

Right now, we is going to be looking at some other issues also – for one, we will probably be looking at the areas of the conventional Asian design, and needless to say the new hybrids that have popped out in this day and age. Obviously, in the landscape of the Indonesia house interior design industry, what we will need to realize is just how we are likely to be able to understand this idea and from there make the changes which are needed to make to our perceptions and our ideas. Asian isno longer truly Asian in all context and ideas.

The Asian house decor is covered with the feng shui or the geomancy concept, which means that there is going to be plenty of natural elements that are placed within the home. This means that whenever you are thinking about this, what requirements to take place is that within the end of the day, all you’ll want to know about is that plants and even water features play a major role in a lot of of the Asian houses in an around. What you also require to see is that wood is also a major feature in these places when you are thinking about this. Now the modern Asian house is something of a change from this, not genuinely a departure, but a side lane which additional home interior enthusiasts have taken on those changes the concept, but keeps the core of it down. All in all, when we are thinking about this, how we are going to comprehend this is that the core elements of natural aesthetics and natural elements have been woven into the modern and contemporary design elements. You may get a residence that marries the immaculate elements of the modern house with the natural top features of the Asian house decor. You may well also get a house that has a unique take on features like running water or stone placements. These are just creative spins that keeps the home subtly standard but contemporary pleasing in the modern world.

These are the things that you might be interested in when you are thinking about the entire idea of the modern Asian residence decor, and this will form the basis of thinking when you are going to apply this concept to the rest of the modern home concepts, which, in essence, are just applications of other concepts on an Asian base.


Designing Your Home With Asian Decorating Ideas

February 17, 2011

Asian furniture is always a consideration in interior decoration and individual pieces of furniture, antiques and artefacts are sought after from countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan. Asian furniture, whether new or antique, brings color and life to homes decorated in any style. Even in modern homes, Chinese dynasty pieces or intricately carved statues from India can fit in perfectly with the decor.

When designing a modern interior, the process usually involves looking at Japanese furniture which is extremely functional and minimalist in nature. The furniture has very little ornamentation or carving and is solid and more modern than the other varieties of Oriental furniture. Japanese furniture can harmonize with almost all decor styles and types of rooms.

The appealing features of Japanese furniture is its simplicity and the obvious quality of the wood and craftsmanship. The furniture is famous for its extraordinary joinery. Elm, gingko and kiri wood is normally used and forged iron is used for ornamentation.

Chinese furniture, on the other hand, is better known for its traditional, ornate pieces reflecting rich history, culture and religion. It can vary with changing dynasties but the artisan ship handed down over the generations remains of the same high quality and can easily be recognized.

Over the past few decades Asian decorating has been growing more and more popular in the western world for its simplicity and subtle materials such as bamboo and silk, as well as the elegance of the darker woods. All styles and origins of Asian furniture is taken into consideration and people who decorate their homes in a modern style prefer to look for simple, liquid lines, high quality and, above all, functionality.

The furniture needs to reflect minimalism and space. Plain furniture in dark wood tones or black tend to be used in designing modern rooms as the darker colors give space a sophisticated and classy air. Instead of small pieces and clutter there are very few decorative items and these are large and prominently displayed in the rooms. This decorating style is inspired from all types of Asian traditional decoration and people who like this style usually spend a lot of money on carefully chosen unique pieces, preferably handcrafted and imported.


5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

January 24, 2011

Looking for a unique gift for Valentines Day?….  Here are several ideas

1.) Make your partner sushi and serve it on one of our Japanese Sushi Sets. Sushi is easy to make and cheap! Check out for videos on how to make sushi.

2.) Start or end the night with warm or cold sake and serve it in one our authentic Sake Sets. Men will love this gift!

3.) Get her a piece of modern art which will remind her of you everytime she sees it, like our African Lovers Sculpture.

4.) Frame a picture in a unique picture frame like our Bamboo Picture Frame or Teak and Bamboo Photo Frame.

5.) Serve sushi by candle with our unique Asian style candles, like our Asian Leaf Five Candle Set.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Placemats

January 3, 2011

Looking to spice up your kitchen or add character to your dinning room table?….

Trying using all natural bamboo placemats as part of a centerpiece or with your table settings. The use of bamboo is a great way to add Asian style and natural texture to a room. The bamboo plant also grows at accelerated rate, most faster than oak, maple, pine or other trees that are used for wood based products, so it is considered very “Eco-Friendly”.

Other bamboo products may include bamboo serving trays, bamboo salad bowls , sushi sets or bamboo picture frames.

Asian Inspired Decorating

December 26, 2010

There are extremely several themes for decorating a property that capture the creativeness very like an Asian inspired theme. There are various reasons for this one of which can be the wealthy shades, materials, and textures that happen to be the hallmark of these themes.

There exists a simplistic elegance about Asian décor which is nearly difficult to imitate in other methods. It’s merely put, stunning to stroll right into a room or perhaps a residence that has been decorated in an Asian inspired motif.

This is not one of many lesser variations of décor in terms of value. This elegance comes at a rather substantial value for that average client.

However, the sparseness of this home decorating fashion allow it to be attainable when other kinds with this kind of price tag tag would not be possible. One of many most critical points to remember when attempting to provide an Asian type of décor into your home will be the major reliance upon shade and texture.

Dining rooms are specifically stunning when decorated in an Asian style. On this circumstance not merely can the implements added for the space serve to enhance and enrich the décor but additionally the placemats around the table can serve as a significant device in establishing the theme of this supremely stylish space. Chopsticks and dishes, specifically tea servings are other great enhancements to an Asian dining area.

This can be a area that quite a few households will get pleasure from dining in. It’s suggested that because of your expense concerned in many Asian themed home decorating kinds that just one or two rooms while in the household need to be established primarily based upon an Asian theme. This can keep the expenses down and also generating individuals rooms focal points within the household instead of getting the splendor lost amongst the extra.

In case you are having a rough time narrowing down the two rooms, the bathroom also can make a superb room by which to incorporate an Asian inspired theme. This can be a space through which persons visit rest and wash absent the worries and stress of their days. For this purpose, it makes best sense that many of the extra tranquil and comforting layout accents of an Asian décor will be proper.

Candles, figurines, calligraphy (waterproof needless to say), and Asian wall art make fantastic touches for a bathroom, as do the additional tranquil colours of some Asian inspired rooms. Fountains is often additional for the space for an extra taste of relaxation. Be certain that there is an abundance of storage area as clear lines and an uncluttered surface are also critical for the all round peaceful influence you ought to be hoping to attain.

If possibly the dining room or bath or unappealing to your home decorating desires for an Asian theme you might would like to take the theme into your bedroom. There are actually extremely several additional romantic themes to incorporate right into a bedroom than an Asian theme. You may use materials to make an exceptionally romantic ambiance, rice paper window coverings to guard these within from prying eyes, and candles during the area to finish off the creation. Furnishings within this room should be sparse and uncluttered. And Asian screens can be used in an effort to ’section off’ the room or hide the piles of laundry or cluttered areas that you just want not to be detract from your total romance of the room. Followers create a lovely decoration for the walls in a very bedroom as does Oriental art or framed calligraphy inside the words of adore.

Use wall sconces and indirect lighting in lieu of harsh, glaring overhead lights. An Asian theme could be one of many most attractive inside the realm of house decorating if you are actually willing to make investments the time and money it takes to perform this theme correctly.

Increasing Popularity of African Decor

December 26, 2010

African decor comes from a melting pot or tossed salad of social reflections. Both ancient and modern decor combine to make it one of the fastest growing influences in interior home design.

Confident and stylish is what people feel about the owner when walking into a creativity arranged African influenced room. From the front door to the backyard, more people continue to seek the exotic mood and feel African decor can bring to any room or home.

Whether you long for the exotic feel of walking barefoot on a colorful hand-crafted Moroccan rug or gazing on a hand-carved wooden Masaai warrior. African home accessories can fit any homes decor. From simple and rustic, to the exotic and majestic, African accents can adapt to any look or mood you want to bring to a room. For example, you can add a fresh, cozy, and warm feeling to any room by adding bamboo mini blinds.

African decor enjoys the high reputation of incorporating a mix of styles, colors, and textures that give any room a solid contemporary ambiance. If you live in a small home or apartment, African room accessories allows you to divide connected rooms by using the myriad of contrasting colors, textures and materials available.

An extensive range of earth tones from brown to off-white adds to the comfortable, warm feeling African accents bring to a rooms atmosphere . Unique hand-carved African artifacts is at the heart of the African home decor resurgence. In a time of mass produced one size fits all products, more people crave the natural hand mad qualities African decor brings to a room.

These exotic objects, hand-made by various African tribes, help add a sense of adventure and intrigue to any room. There’s just something especially appealing and unique about a piece that’s hand made. No mass produced home decor piece can approach the quality or feeling an African decor piece brings to a room.

In addition colored rugs, hand-made floor cushions and pillows can also add a cozy and refreshing atmosphere to an otherwise cold, impersonal room.

The average homeowner can literally create an oasis in their home away from the hectic outside world by using African art elements. The colors, textures, designs and materials can add to the comfort of any room or your entire home.

African decor also blends well with western furnishings, adding interest and uniqueness to a room or boring space. For example, an African sculpture can act as a striking vocal point or you can use an African pottery piece an enhancement to a rooms other decor.

Remember, when decorating with African themed pieces a little can go a long way. Your decor shouldn’t dominate a room, but enhance it. African tribal decor should blend naturally into a space and not scream, stomp or overwhelm for attention. This is an important detail of using any African decor effectively.

As consumers continue to demand value, uniqueness and a sense of adventure, African home decor will continue to grow. Contemporary designers continue to explore African interior designs for ideas and inspiration.

Announcing a new product line – Shoji Lamps

January 4, 2009

Candle Lanter

Playful Elephant Shoji Lamp

We are excited to announce that we just received our shipment of new Shoji Lamps from Thailand. For those of you that are not familiar with Shoji Lamps, Shoji’s literal definition is a screen made of a wooden frame with rice paper. In Chinese and Japanese, the word Shoji means “something to obstruct” and generally refers to shoji screen walls.

Shoji was actually invented by the Chinese, but the concept was imported to Japan between the 7th and 8th century. It wasn’t until the 12th century that the Japanese popularized Shoji as a form of artwork. Shoji paper is traditionally made from mulberry paper, but is more often found as rice paper in modern times. Our lamps use mulberry paper where leaves are imprinted and rice paper for lamps with printed artwork.

These lamps add a unique Asian touch to any room and give off a soft glowing light. They are also all priced under $30, so they are affordable too! They look great in a living room or even better on two bedside tables!

A Creative Idea for Wall Decor…

January 2, 2009

Red Chinese Wall Fan from

Looking for something creative to fill a blank wall?  A Chinese Wall Fan just might do the trick.

The Travelled Home just launched a new section of authentic Chinese Fans featuring extra large fans perfect for adding a touch of Asian-style to your home’s decor.  Imported from China, our thick paper fans are individually hand-painted by local artisans.  They come ready-to-hang with a rope loop in the back.  At over 60 inches wide when unfolded, these wall fans are sure to make an impression on any room in your home!