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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

January 24, 2011

Looking for a unique gift for Valentines Day?….  Here are several ideas

1.) Make your partner sushi and serve it on one of our Japanese Sushi Sets. Sushi is easy to make and cheap! Check out for videos on how to make sushi.

2.) Start or end the night with warm or cold sake and serve it in one our authentic Sake Sets. Men will love this gift!

3.) Get her a piece of modern art which will remind her of you everytime she sees it, like our African Lovers Sculpture.

4.) Frame a picture in a unique picture frame like our Bamboo Picture Frame or Teak and Bamboo Photo Frame.

5.) Serve sushi by candle with our unique Asian style candles, like our Asian Leaf Five Candle Set.


Best For The Oriental Decorating Style?

January 19, 2011

To give your Oriental decorating style that finished feeling, you must purchase the perfect decorative items. For the sense of the Orient, you should use exotic and colorful items which provide an Asian influenced appeal. Adding accessories like Chinese fans, Asian style candles, bamboo picture frames, vases, Buddha sculptures and wall art can help compliment your Oriental style design.

Wall art is a good way to add unique interest to your walls, but most people don’t know the right way to hang them. Single works of art should be arranged so the center of the piece is at eye level, not so that the tops or bottoms of the frames are positioned in a line as a lot of individuals think. When displaying a collection of paintings, photos or prints, try coming up with the layout on the floor to get it looking the best before you start making holes in the wall. Placing Chinese Fans or Wall Scrolls will work well to add zip to the Oriental decorating style.

Some items that can help add to the allure of the Orient include Oriental room dividers, potted plants, and a waterfall bowl. You ought to choose accessories that match with your overall room style. Deploy on theme items purely in order to get the appearance you are working hard for.

Decorative pillows can give a sense of a soft touch to your room design. They’re fun to obtain and you can use them in any room. If you can’t afford new furniture for your family room or living room, decorative pillows will help give the Oriental decor look to your old pieces. Pillows can add softness to the kitchen or bath – look at placing one on the hamper or on a kitchen chair in a corner. Putting decorative pillows arranged at the headboard of your bed is sure to provide an interesting professional ambiance. Add comfort and style to your room décor with pillows that have watercolor on silk.

Finding the perfect knick knacks to add appeal to your room design can be fun plus help give the room a professional look. To benefit your Asian decor, make sure you buy items which have an exotic and colorful ambiance. Using natural products too such as wood floor vases or bamboo picture frames are also great a way to capture Asian design . Take the time to pick out unique pieces that really display your personality.

Making use of oriental fans and Asian lanterns can add charm and interest to your Oriental decorating style. But before you go out and shop for a variety of things, you would be smart to have an idea of what styles of items you would like and shop for those pieces. You want to make sure also to purchase items in the correct sizes plus proportions. If you stick with these rules, you’ll be able to decorate your room design with accessories that go perfect with each other.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Placemats

January 3, 2011

Looking to spice up your kitchen or add character to your dinning room table?….

Trying using all natural bamboo placemats as part of a centerpiece or with your table settings. The use of bamboo is a great way to add Asian style and natural texture to a room. The bamboo plant also grows at accelerated rate, most faster than oak, maple, pine or other trees that are used for wood based products, so it is considered very “Eco-Friendly”.

Other bamboo products may include bamboo serving trays, bamboo salad bowls , sushi sets or bamboo picture frames.