7 Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui Into Any Room

Are you looking to freshen up a room in your home or reduce stress in and around your office space? Try drawing inspiration from Asian  design and incorporate Feng Shui elements to calm and add peace to your room.

1. An Asian-inspired room must have an airy, spacious atmosphere which cannot be obtained or cluttered with nick nacks strewn about. Getting rid of unnecessary items is key in achieving feng shui.

2. If there’s a window, don’t block the sunlight from streaming in.

3. Choose cabinets and organizers with ample storage space.

4. If you choose to paint or buy new décor, go with pastel colors, which create an open, clean ambiance.


5. Mirrors add depth and flair to any room, particularly a luminous bathroom with tons of natural light.

6. For a therapeutic touch, place candles or scented oils throughout the room. Popular Asian scents include Jasmin, orange or citrus, rosemary and ginger.

7. Add earthy elements like stone and wood for a natural, peaceful aura.


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