Japanese Noren Curtains make for unique wall decor

noren307.gif  noren108.gif  noren131.gif

I am always on the lookout for unique and inexpensive wall decor.  In general, if you are looking for something to cover that large empty space on your wall you had better be prepared to spend a little if you want anything decent.  While the curtains on the site – www.jun-gifts.com -can run upwards of $500, you can find very unique designs for only $30-$40.  You will have to pay $15 or so for shipping from Japan, but they are still very afforable.  Japanese Noren curtains are made for doorways, but they look great on a wall too.  They are made from silk, cotton and hemp.  The hemp curtains are generally the nicest…and most expensive.


One Response to “Japanese Noren Curtains make for unique wall decor”

  1. beNippon (Noren exporter) Says:

    Noren made in polyester are also available at around $20 (plus about $5 shipping). Sure cotton or hemp have more pleasant feeling when touched, but as wall decor it may be quite good. 🙂

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